July 2018: History, Memory, Public Policy & the Hidden Narrative of Race in Alameda

This month’s meeting topic is History, Memory, Public Policy, and the Hidden Narrative of Race in Alameda. This multimedia presentation, by Rasheed Shabazz, focuses on the role of memory in the formation and maintenance of public policy, and will include discussions of race and housing, public spaces and memorials, and the spatial results of the recent district attorney election.

Rasheed Shabazz is an educator, historian, and journalist. He is a former visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, where he received Bachelors’ Degrees in African American Studies and Political Science. He is currently researching and revising a book focused on Black history in Alameda through the lens of housing. He attended Longfellow, Chipman, and Encinal schools.

Immediately preceding our main presentation, we will be hearing briefly from Liam Garland of the City of Alameda Public Works department about a proposed sales tax ballot measure.