May 2018: Bring Your Own Ballot

Our May meeting will be the last chance for the Democratic Club to meet before the June 5th Primary Election. Since we focused on specific races — DA at our March meeting and Auditor & Assessor at our April Meeting, this will be a catch-all to learn from, and teach others, about the rest of the races (and measures) on the ballot.

We have invited most of the contested campaigns to send a surrogate to the meeting to present to us why they think their candidate deserves your vote. Not all campaigns are likely to participate, so if you have candidate(s) you are supporting, please come to the meeting prepared to talk them up!

Essentially, this meeting will be more of a discussion than a presentation or debate.

Bring Your Own Ballot!  (B.Y.O.B.): For those of us who vote by mail, we may have already received our ballots. If you have yours — or a sample ballot, bring it along! You can ask questions, take notes, and figure out how you are going to vote — and how you will recommend your voting choices to your neighbors.

We will also hearing a presentation from All Rise Alameda at the start of the meeting.