April 2018: Meet Your Candidates

The June 5th Primary election seems months away but it’s coming quickly! To be informed voters, we are making good use of these meetings before June. Last month we heard from our DA candidates (incumbent Nancy O’Malley and challenger Pamela Price). This month we will be hearing from candidates for the Alameda County Assessor and Alameda County Auditor, and vote for a possible club endorsement for these two offices.  

We will also be voting on whether to endorse County Measure A, Early Childhood Education, so please read up on that issue!  Club members whose dues are paid up for 2018, and who have attended at least one other club meeting or event in the last 12 months are eligible to vote in the endorsement election.

(As a preview for our last meeting before the June primary, our plans for May are to hold a member-led presentation and discussion of the state-level candidates such as Governor, California Senator, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and State Board of Equalization.)