The November Meeting: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Join us as we reflect over the election cycle and what it means for Democrats moving forward.

Our topic for November’s meeting will be “Looking Back, Looking Forward.” We’ll take some time to reflect on what went right — and wrong — in the recent election. But more importantly, what’s next for Democrats in Alameda? We will invite next year’s mayor and new city council members, whoever they may be, to talk about their top priorities for 2019 and how they want to make a difference during their upcoming term.

We will also be inviting members to present some of the issues that we hope we can address locally. Do you have some thoughts about rent control and housing, campaign finance, our election process, worker’s rights, immigration issues, banking issues, racial justice, police accountability, and so forth? Please share them at Wednesday’s meeting! The issues we discuss may provide our incoming council members a sense of our interest, as well as provide possible topics for club meetings in 2019.