Our 2019 Elect Board

Meet the Elected Officials of the City of Alameda Democratic Club


President Gabrielle Dolphin

 Gabrielle "Gaby" Dolphin was born in Minnesota and raised in Arizona. She received her BA in Anthropology at Pitzer College in Claremont CA, an MA in Anthropology at the University of Arizona and a Doctor of Interfaith Ministry at St. Mary's College, University of Creation Spirituality. Gabrielle spent many years abroad; she served as an Administrator at a Kenyan excavation site which unearthed 25 million year old remains, studied musicology with the Wakamba of Eastern Kenya, managed an agricultural project in Yemen, volunteered with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia and worked at the Tigoni National Primate Research Center.

In 1984 she returned stateside to begin a 34 year long career at Children's Hospital Oakland as Manager of the Division of Neonatology. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she was instrumental in setting up a Children’s Hospital in what is now St. Petersburg, Russia. She later formed her own non-profit humanitarian aid organization, The Friends of Palekh, delivering medical and educational supplies to the little town of Palekh, Russia.

She first became involved in politics during the 2015-2016 presidential election serving as Delegate in Philadelphia for Senator Sanders and returned to Alameda where she ran for ADEM delegate, a term she is serving now.  Her experience in "third world countries" gives her a passion to help those less fortunate - not just  "over there", but in our own community.  She continues to work at Children's Hospital, writes for the Alameda Sun,  works with local activist and non-profit groups with the aim of "leveling the playing field" and helping those less fortunate.


Vice President of Activities: Michele Pryor


Vice President of Programs: Julie Casey

Julie grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, the daughter of two union workers. She holds a BFA in Fine Art from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. She has worked on numerous local and nation campaigns and is a trained field organizer. She now lives in Alameda with her husband and daughter.


Club Secretary Lynne Dennis

Lynne has been a member of the club since 2006.  At various times she has been the newsletter editor, hospitality chair, membership chair and vice-president of activities. She volunteered in the first Rob Bonta for Assembly race, the first Jerry McNerney for Congress race and in the Measure A for Schools campaign.

Lynne retired after 20 years as a journalist at the Hayward Daily Review, the Oakland Tribune and the San Jose Mercury News. Then she went back to work, for 2 years, as a print media specialist for the SEIU healthcare union.

The Oakland native is a graduate of UC Davis.


Club Treasurer Mike McMahon

Parent of three children born at Alameda Hospital and grandparent of four boys, I served on the Alameda Board of Education from 2002 to 2014. I have been the Treasurer for Alameda Democratic Club since 2002. You will find me at Corica Park during the week chasing a little white ball around the course. For more information visit Mike online.

Our 2019 Committee Chairpersons

  • Membership Chair: Cheri Johansen

  • Voter Registration Chair: Alan Pryor

  • Communications Chair: Dan Wood

  • Newsletter Chair: Dan Wood

  • Community Outreach Chair: Matt Hettich

  • Hospitality Chair: Toni Grimm