The City of Alameda Democratic Club is a grassroots organization started in 1985 and charted with the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.

The Club is a place where you can become part of Alameda's community life. Members of our Club include state and locally elected officials, representatives of numerous advisory bodies, civic, business, and professional leaders. Our members are older, younger, and those just wanting to find out more about the Democratic Party.

We welcome participation at all levels of Club activity. Most of our members are Democrats of progressive persuasion working together to find common ground so that we can be the most effective.

Membership is open to all registered Democrats who wish to work together for a brighter, more progressive future for Alameda. Join us! 

Curious to know how our Club is organized and run? Read our constitution and bylaws here.

Recruitment of Standing Committee Chairpersons - Ongoing effort

We are proud to announce our Club officers for the 2017 term!

  • Co-Presidents: Jim Oddie and Patty Osborne 

  • Vice President of Activities: Lynne Dennis

  • Co-Vice Presidents of Programs: Gabrielle Dolphin and Tedd Cole 

  • Secretary: Cheri Johansen

  • Treasurer: Mike McMahon

Standing Committee Chairpersons will be appointed by the elected Executive Board. If you are interested in becoming the Chair of the Membership, Issues, Voter Registration, or Political Action committees, please let us know by emailing us!

  • The duties of Communications Chair and editing the Newsletter will be taken over by Philip James.

  • The duties of Voter Registration will be taken over by Alan Pryor.

  • The Membership Chair is responsible for keeping the membership database up to date, leading the effort in recruiting new and keeping returning members to the Club, assisting in the effort to recruit people for special events (i.e. a Fourth of July parade, Garden Party, Holiday Luncheon, etc.).

  • The Issues Chair assists the Vice President of Programs as they see it.

  • The Voter Registration Chair leads efforts in making sure the Club expands the Democratic voter base in Alameda.

  • The Political Action Chair is a position that works with the Treasurer, Vice President of Activities, and Vice President of Programs during an election cycle to ensure that the Club follows proper campaign finance law and assists the aforementioned officers as they see fit.